Königs Wusterhausen Fantasy

V 2.2 mod for OMSI 2

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Hey Guys Want yourselves for these routes My first map they provide is
Koenigs Wusterhausen Fantasy (not real)

Caution: Please use add-on bus Ø305 for Map

Because the Map have been installed with add-on bus Ortner (building)
The map has 3 bus lines are short but to top it enough
Bus 729 from Königs Wusterhausen to nursery about 12 minutes driving time
Bus 735 from Königs Wusterhausen to A10 Center (Original) 15 minutes driving time
Bus 737 from Königs Wusterhausen Wildau to S-Bahn station about 15 minutes driving time
Map has no announcements on the bus Sorie.
The holding steles of King Wusterhausen to A10 Center are as the original, remaining stops are fictitious or out of the city Königs Wusterhausen as on hospital where a bus stops thinking.
Think that you like it and wish you so much enjoy driving on the Lienen

Sincerely Enno



  • 07 Sep 15:41
    Version 2.2

    01 Neue Bus Linen
    02 Endhaltepunkte Neu der Busse
    03 Map 30% Überarbeitet sowie Linenfürungen 2 Busse
    Bilder Der Map so wie sie jetze aus sieht

  • 05 Jul 00:02
    Version 2.1

    1 Die Map Würde am Bus Pause verändert und neu gebaut .
    2 Neuer Fahrplan und Ein KI Bus
    3 Map hat jetze Ansagen
    Bitte PDF der Map Beachten Danke



11.06 2015
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V 2.2
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V 2.1
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