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omsi : Bussteigset v 2.0 [sp]

Bussteigset Bussteigset Mod
Bussteigset for Altonerstr. The file "Seeburger_Doppel_1.o3d" missing on purpose! The Seeburgerstr. is not currently supported and complemented in the next version.
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omsi : City Bottrop v 2.1 [sp]

Stadt-bottrop City Bottrop Mod
At the northern end of the Ruhr area between Dorsten, Essen and Gladbeck the city of Bottrop is. With your population of 130,000, the city traverse 10 bus routes traveling clock in 10 to 30 minutes...
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omsi : Road Marking v 3.0 [sp]

Strassenmarkierung Road Marking Mod
With this version of the road markings Omsi2 the set was made suitable and inserted more Markiierungen. This set contains all the markings that are necessary to a prototypical design of roads to the...
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omsi : Stop Frankfurt old v 1.0 [sp]

Haltestelle-frankfurt-alt Stop Frankfurt old Mod
This is the standard version of the stop from Frankfurt has shaped up well over the 90 years of the cityscape of Frankfurt. With the next version of Two-line names are also possible, as well as different...
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featured omsi : Depot Set v 2.0 [sp]

Depot-set Depot Set Mod
This kit was developed with the kind assistance of MR software (textures). All information can be found in the attached PDF file. Legal: License / Copyright (Please read before installation in a...
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omsi : Of signs v 1.0 [sp]

Schilderset--6 Of signs Mod
This set includes (at the time part of) the signs with the numbers 5XX of the Highway Code and 2 information signs. A thanks to spring that created me the labels for the construction site sign. This...
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omsi : Mabeg Wing Esay v 1.2 [sp]

Mabeg-wing-esay Mabeg Wing Esay Mod
The Wing Esay stops from Mabeg in the RVV and Hanover version. Changelog for 1.2.0: * Lettering fixed by spring. Changelog for 1.1.0: + "SEV" sign in the version "Hannover" Changelog for 1.0.5...
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omsi : Repaint Ø305 Frankfurt Set v 1.0 [sp]

Repaint-o305-frankfurt-set Repaint Ø305 Frankfurt Set Mod
Repaint of Stadtwerke Frankfurt am Main for the payware bus Ø305. It shows all verschiedenene paint versions. License / Copyright
  1. Colleen 06. 03 2018

    Mod: Lightswitches and lamps
    Funktioniert gut. Etwas Dunkel in der Grundeinstellung für Hallen...
    Wie bekommt man den mehrere Lampen an einem Schalter?

    1 replies

  2. Colleen 11. 01 2015

    Mod: City Bottrop
    Version 2.1 liegt zur Freischaltung vor, dies sollte die Fehler mit den Splines und fehlenden Objekten beheben.

    2 replies

  3. Colleen 23. 12 2014

    Mod: City Bottrop
    Das ist bekannt.
    Es wird demnächst noch ein Patch bzw. eine gefixte Version geben.

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